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  • Why Sablich Insurance Group?

    Insurance is complicated and constantly evolving. We stay on top of the trends and risks that threaten your business and personal assets, so you don't have to. When working with Sablich Insurance Group, you provide yourself with the customer service experience you deserve.
  • What is the difference between Collision and Comprehensive coverage?

    Collision coverage pays for the cost to repair your vehicle if it collides with another vehicle or object, such as a guard rail, minus your deductible. Comprehensive coverage pays for the cost to repair your vehicle for non-collision claims, such as theft, fallen objects, animal damage, and hail damage, minus your deductible.
  • Does my personal auto insurance cover a rental car?

    If you carry Collision and Comprehensive coverage on your personal auto policy, these coverages typically extend to a rental car. However, the rental car company may also charge you for Loss of Use, meaning they can charge you the daily rate for however many days the car cannot be rented out while it is undergoing repairs. Your personal auto policy will not cover this. We recommend checking with your credit card company, as many offer Loss of Use. It is also worth noting that, if you purchase the insurance being offered by the rental company, a claim would not count against your personal auto policy and you would not be subject to a deductible.
  • How do I file an auto insurance claim when somebody else hits me?

    If you are involved in a not-at-fault auto accident, the best practice is to file the claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. This is called a “third party claim.” We recommend obtaining the at-fault party’s insurance information directly, rather than having to wait for access to the police report. If it is a hit and run or the at-fault party has insufficient Liability coverage, the Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists coverage on your policy can step in to cover you.
  • If I allow a friend or non-resident relative to borrow my car, am I covered?

    Yes. In the insurance world, this is what is referred to as “permissive use.” If you give explicit permission for somebody to borrow your vehicle, your auto insurance coverage will cover the damages. However, we encourage you make sure your friend or non-resident relative has auto insurance as well. If they are injured in the accident, their coverage will cover their Medical Payments. If they don’t have their own insurance, your coverage will cover their Medical Payments.
  • Why is my house insured for more (or less) than what I purchased it for?

    Homeowners insurance is based on Replacement Cost, NOT Market Value. Replacement Cost is the amount it will cost to repair or replace your house using similar construction and materials. Replacement Cost does not take into account the neighborhood, schools, etc. like Market Value does. Houses can be insured at Market Value, but we only recommend that in rare instances, such as when an experienced property investor wants minimal coverage in place to protect their investment.
  • What happens if my home is damaged in a natural disaster?

    With hurricanes and tornados becoming more common in our area, it is important to note that these natural disasters ARE covered under a homeowners insurance policy. However, other natural disasters such as flood and earthquake are NOT covered. Flood insurance can be purchased as a separate policy, while most homeowners insurance carriers offer an earthquake endorsement that can be added for an additional fee.
  • Does my homeowners insurance provide Liability protection for an incident that occurs away from my house?

    In short, yes. Homeowners insurance typically provides Personal Liability, not simply liability pertaining to your premises. The Liability coverage extends to anywhere in the world. It is important to note that a claim will be denied if the incident was intentional, whether it occurs away from the premises or not.
  • What if I want additional liability protection?

    For great protection and peace of mind, an umbrella policy can be purchased. Umbrella insurance provides excess liability protection that sits atop both your auto and homeowners coverage. If your liability limits are exhausted in the event of a significant liability claim, the umbrella coverage can step in and cover the difference. Umbrella insurance is critical for certain types of risks that have an increased exposure to liability claims, such as real estate investors, or households that have a youthful driver, a swimming pool, a trampoline, or a dog.


I am very pleased with the work Mr. Sablich has done for me. He got me lower prices and better coverage than my previous insurance on both my home and auto insurance. He was very attentive and responded to my emails quickly. Additionally, he was very professional and searched for the best deal for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Sablich for your insurance needs.

- Robert Torres

I was paying way too much for auto insurance. Sablich Insurance Group found me a much cheaper rate with even better coverage then I had surprisingly. Very professional and thorough. Kept in touch throughout the whole process and I couldn’t be happier with my new coverage. I highly recommend Sablich Insurance group if you’re looking for great service

- Joshua Richards

I had a great experience with Sablich Insurance Group. I thought this process would be very overwhelming but Tyler made it such an easy and stress free process. He researched/compared insurance rates to get me the best coverage and quote. So thankful he was referred to me! Great customer service, 100% recommend! Tyler was always available to answer any questions I had and always took the time out to explain things to me.

- Solmaira Valerio

I am new to this company and will admit that the thought of switching insurance providers was overwhelming. Sablich Insurance Group took care of all information research, found comparable or better coverage/lower rates, then walked me through my part of the transactions with professionalism and courtesy. I am confident that Sablich Insurance Group will continue to provide me this same excellent customer service for all my Homeowners and Auto insurance needs.

- Pat McCollaum

I used Sablich Insurance Group to cover all my insurance needs when I bought my first house. So glad I chose them, questions are answered and customer service seems to be a top priority at the company.

- Michael Keenan

After many attempts with various agents and offices, I believe that I have finally found what I was looking for - I insured my cars for a very reasonable price and I got a phenomenal Quote for the house - very pleasant and professional service. I highly recommend Mr. Sablich to everyone, I am sure that he will fulfill all your expectations. Thank you again.

- Janusz Kacarow

Tyler provided excellent service and reduced my costs for my Insurance policies, also I received increased coverage, which was a plus. I highly recommend getting a quote from Tyler for all your Insurance needs.

- Gene Gladys

Tyler is an absolute life savior! Ever since our first coverage, he has been our broker for everything we need insurance coverage, business, personal and investment. He is very knowledgeable, super responsive and you can rely on him anytime something comes up. No issue is too small for his attention, he will always answer all your questions or try his best to find you an answer if it's not at hand. He is super professional and always takes good care of his clients. I recommended him to all of my personal and professional contacts and no one has ever been disappointed. My husband and I highly recommend him and his services!

- Roxana Pelin

Tyler was super responsive to my calls and emails. He worked hard to get me a quote for my fiancé's landscaping business which wasn't at all an easy task. After getting shut down by a few different companies, I called Tyler, he really saved the day for us! There was a bit of back and forth with the underwriter for the policy, but Tyler worked diligently while keeping me informed start to finish to truly make the process easy. Best of all, the policy he got us was at an amazing price. Highly recommend Sablich Insurance Group for all your insurance needs!

- Stephanie Ramsey